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THE CLUB logos are available in the following formats:
1. EPS files - vector based artwork that can be imported into various applications (created in Adobe Illustrator)
2. TIFF files - files are 300dpi CMYK or grayscale images
3. JPEG files - files are 300dpi RGB images (can be placed into MSWord or Powerpoint)

The following graphic guidelines should help you to use the teen brand correctly.

The Building Blocks

The Club logo type consists of two typographic building blocks, the word “THE” and the word “CLUB. These two blocks should always appear in a configuration as shown.

Notice that the height of the word “THE” is equal to the width of the downstroke in any of the letters of the word “CLUB”. This size relationship should never be changed.

Notice also that the logo rises on an 8.5 incline. This incline should not be increased or decreased.

Allow Adequate Space

When THE CLUB logo is accompanied by other graphic elements including text, photos or other logos it should be given adequate breathing room.

Notice that the outer boundary of the space given the logo is determined by the “Y” height of the letters in the word “CLUB”. No foreign graphic element should violate that space.



This is an example of what NOT to do.

Color Considerations

When discussing the color of the logo, the guidelines are not always easily applied. The dynamic nature of the organization will require that the color palette and overall effect be flexible. Here are some basic dos and don’ts.

THE CLUB logo may appear in any solid color, however the building blocks may not appear as separate colors. Notice that this rule becomes blurry. The reason this treatment is acceptable is because the blend from top to bottom is continuous throughout the logo. The building blocks of the logo should always be colored as a unit, not separately. If you have any doubt concerning your color treatment you can contact Creative Services Department at 404-487-5700 for assistance.

When reversing the logo out of a solid color, the logo color should always adequately contrast the surrounding color. The logo is unacceptable because it too closely matches the background color and is difficult to distinguish.


The ONLY instance where the THE CLUB logo may be removed from the 8.5 incline and joined in close proximity to another graphic element is on signage.

This configuration is the only acceptable configuration of the familiar Boys & Girls Club clasping hands with THE CLUB.

Notice also that the words “TEEN CENTER” appear below THE CLUB. No other verbiage may appear below THE CLUB.

The addition of other graphic elements to the logo are also unacceptable. See the samples below for unacceptable usage for THE CLUB signage.

Wearables Guidelines

THE CLUB logo may be embroidered or silk-screened on apparel. Standard placement of THE CLUB logo is left positioning on upper chest, sleeve or cuff of garment, but because of the dynamic nature of THE CLUB as a teen organization, other locations may be desirable. All items selected to bear THE CLUB logo should be culturally appropriate, tastefully located and must follow the graphic standards listed.

Embroidery on shirts, T-shirts, coats, sweaters, jackets, hats and other wearables requires a minimum width of 2 inches (50.8 mm), because the logo becomes distorted if embroidered smaller than those dimensions.

When silk-screening the logo on wearables, the minimum size of the logo is 1 inches (25.4 mm) for visual reproduction.


Web Guidelines

In addition to the standard guidelines for use of THE CLUB logo, there are a few guidelines just for web use:

  • Do not reproduce a bitmapped or otherwise distorted version of the logo.
  • Do not use the logo as an icon or button.
  • Do not make the logo flash, blink, or turn or change colors.
  • Do not use the logo in a step-and-repeat "wallpaper" pattern. See below.

Please make sure you adhere to our Graphic Standards when using the logo shown below. Review the Staging Guidelines, Colors, and Improper Usage pages before proceeding.


Logos are available in the following formats (for Windows and Macintosh platforms):

  1. EPS files - vector based artwork that can be imported into various applications (created in Adobe Illustrator)
  2. TIFF files - files are 300dpi CMYK or grayscale images
  3. JPEG files - files are 300dpi RGB images (can be placed into MSWord or Powerpoint)
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